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Shamanic Crystal Divination combines the clarity and focus of crystalline energies with altered-state shamanic techniques and includes crystal gazing, mirror scrying and stone casting.

The course prepares you for using these methods reliably and accurately for personal use, spiritual development and for working with friends and family. This training can also form part of shamanic practitioner training and accreditation.

This course is aimed at individuals interested in divination, shamanic practice or scrying for personal use, and enables them to continue on to practitioner training, if desired. Individuals interested in personal, spiritual or psychic development will also accelerate and advance their skills with this training.

This is a unique training, designed by Susanna Bellini, and based on her 20+ years of practising and teaching these skills.
Duration:4 Weeks
Accreditation:Course certificate on successful completion of course journal and assignments. Can lead on to accreditation.
Requirements:Applicants must be over 18. There is no need to have specific previous experience or skills in these areas, but a general awareness and experience in crystal healing, shamanism, healing in general and spirituality may be helpful.
Students per class:10

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Shamanic Crystal divination

This training focuses on divination through combining the clarity and focus of crystalline energies with altered-state shamanic techniques. This course does not cover other tools and methods of divination, fortune telling or prediction. Susanna teaches specific methods of holding different states of consciousness open simultaneously and moving between them with ease to provide an accurate, consistent and grounded flow of information.

• Predicting, forecasting and divinatory practices
• Readings with rocks, stones and crystals
• Scrying with crystals and crystalline substances
• Altered state divinatory trance
• Shaman stones and their properties
• Developing accuracy and confidence

What people are saying about Shamanic Crystal Divination:

"I found the course wonderful – it states in the introduction that this is something that there is not a lot of information about, and it was really mind expanding. I would definitely recommend it to others."

Helen Fairley

Course location

Bronze Dragon International Training

Bronze Dragon International Training was founded in 1993 offering short courses, workshops and practitioner training in Reiki, Crystal Healing, Shamanic Healing, Soul Release, Soul Retrieval, Journeying, Tarot and Shamanic Dreamwork in York, UK.

In 2008 we started to offer these practical and experiential courses online with two study options: self-study with tutor feedback on assignments only and self study with personal mentoring. Our highly experienced course mentors help and support students' learning throughout the course, enabling them to achieve maximum success in your development.

Our trainers are also available for personal coaching and mentoring and to teach at other locations; please contact us for further details.

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