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Intelligence Analysis Course

The 10 day course takes the student on a journey from the reactive side of intelligence analysis, through to the proactive side of intelligence analysis, whilst collecting many tools and techniques along the way to ensure that clients and managers receive a product that can justify their decision making and be...
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Decision Making Course

On completion of this two-day course delegates will be able to:  Understand intelligence-led decision making in various environments and situations;  Articulate intelligence-led vision, rationale, context and intent for ‘key decisions’;  Explain the value of key decision making for you, partners, stakeholders and clients;  Understand the importance of clarity in communication;  Differentiate the risks between making decisions...
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Microsoft Excel - Intermediate Level

On completion of this two-day course delegates will be able to:  Define data types & understand how Excel deals with each category and displays it;  Design their own cell format;  Use autofill to maximum effect creating custom lists;  Define data lists and data validation;  Understand and use some of the more complex Excel functions;  Sort data...
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Statistics and Advanced Microsoft Excel

On completion of this two-day course delegates will be able to:  Use MS Excel’s Descriptive Statistics on a data set;  Understand the meaning and relevance of mean, median and mode;  Use Excel’s functions to calculate the above and their variations;  Understand the concepts of randomness, and human perception of it;  Recognise a normal distribution and create...
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Intelligence Researchers Course

The 4 days cover Open Source Intelligence (Internet etc), Creative Thinking, Collection Planning, Research Methodology, Effective Tasking systems, and Justified Decision making.
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Strategic Intelligence Assessment & Analysis

Designed for those operating at the strategic level and whose role it is to identify future opportunities and threats, and mitigate the risks through policy development and recommendations. This course meets the UK National Occupational Standards for Intelligence Analysis at the strategic level.
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Internet Investigation Tradecraft

The 3 day 'hands on at computers' courses covers the whole range of what you need to be a competent internet investigator.
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