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Newleaf Associates is an independent training provider established in 2005 and offering a wide range of courses relating to Management, HR Skills, Personal Development, Communication, Customer Service and Train the Trainer. We are based in Scotland and work with clients from private, public and education sectors.
Courses can be fully bespoke or tailored for delivery to in-house groups. Public courses are also scheduled in city centre locations.
We upgrade our portfolio of courses regularly. Currently our most popular courses are: Speed Reading; Business Writing; Train the Trainer; Presentation Skills; Dealing with Difficult People; Time Management; Essential Skills for Managers.


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Speed Reading

This one day course is ideal for busy professionals e.g. managers, lawyers, researchers etc. who find themselves snowed under by lengthy reports and other documents. Learning to speed read is a great way of saving time and getting to grips with large volumes of reading material faster and more efficiently. It...

Dealing with Difficult People

This practical one day course is suitable for anyone who would like to improve their interpersonal skills and to gain more confidence when dealing with other people, in particular the difficult ones. These may be managers, direct reports, colleagues, customers or clients. Participants will benefit from gaining an insight into a...

Business Writing

This one day course is suitable for anyone who has to produce written documents such as reports, letters or e-mails at work and who would like to improve their skills and confidence in doing so. Writing is often viewed as an onerous task, however, with the right tools and techniques it...

Essential Skills for Managers

After the initial euphoria of gaining a promotion, many supervisors or managers find themselves struggling to cope with the demands of their new role and are all too often left to sink or swim. This is detrimental not only to the performance of the manager, but also to the performance of...

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills affect every aspect of working life. Beyond your technical or professional ability, much of your success depends directly on the impact you make on other people. This one day course will help to increase your self-awareness and improve the way you relate to and communicate with others, so that you...

Time Management

This one day course is meant for busy professionals who want to be even more effective at work and to feel more in control. Time management is about working smarter rather than working harder and adopting a range of techniques and habits to make this happen. By gaining an insight into...

Customer Service

Establishing and maintaining high levels of customer service is a challenge for organisations in all sectors. It is widely agreed that this can only be achieved through the skills and commitment of staff. This course aims to build your skills and confidence when dealing with customers, internal and external, and to...

Presentation Skills

Making a presentation can be a daunting prospect for even the most confident of people. Indeed speaking in public is listed amongst our ‘Top Ten Fears’, along with spiders, flying – and even death! This course is run over two days, consecutively or with a one week gap between days. It...

Recruitment and Selection

Making sure that the right people are recruited is vital for the success of organisations in every sector. Poor selection decisions can have far reaching and sometimes costly consequences. The selection interview is a key component of the R&S process and one that requires a range of skills. It is also...

Train the Trainer

This practical two day course is intended for professionals, managers and others who have some remit for training and who would like to increase their confidence and ability to carry out this important role. It covers the skills and knowledge required to design and deliver training that is enjoyable and that...