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NSTUK Ltd have been established for 7 years and concentrate on delivering Instructor-Led training in the area of Data Communications and Telecoms. Our instructors have Real World experience and so can add value to your business. We run theory based technology courses as well as practical courses with real equipment.

Save on cost by having training onsite and save on delegate hotel and subsistence costs!!


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Cisco Networking Part 2 (ICND2 Equivalent)

This program is designed to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills to be able to attempt Cisco's ICND2 examination.

TCP/IP - A Practical Foundation

This Hands On TCP/IP training course introduces the fundamentals of the Internet Protocols suite and associated TCP/IP protocols. The course is designed with theory lessons, combined with practical hands-on exercises. In addition to the Internet Protocols, delegates will build a network in the classroom using networking devices such as Routers and...

Introduction to Voice over IP

This course is a 2 day Introduction to Voice over IP and covers, Voice Quality, Codecs, H.323, SIP, RTP and RTCP, Quality of Service and Multicasting. Course Objectives: Understand the reasons for the development of voice over data networks. Have an appreciation of factors affecting voice quality. Understand the IETF protocols developed to allow real-time...

Introduction to Telecommunications

This 2-day Instructor-Led theory course covers the basics of Telecommunication, including Terms and Definitions, Signalling, Transmission, PDH, SDH, CAS, CCS, Mobile Telecommunications systems, Digital Subscriber Line and Next Generation Networks.

TCP/IP Fundamentals

This 2-day Instructor-Led theory course covers the history and development of the TCP/IP suite of protocols. Students will understand IPv4 addressing and subnetting and also IPv6 address structure. Routing is one of the fundamental processes in modern TCP/IP networks, so delegates will receive an overview of routing processes and protocols. ...

Voice over IP with SIP

This 3 day Instructor-Led course covers the basics of Voice over IP and introduces the delegates to Session Initiation Protocol. The course has practical exercises throughout and delegates will configure Routers, IP Phones and IP PBXs with a view to providing a working VoIP Network. During the practical exercises, VoIP calls...

Internet Protocol Basics

This 2-day Instructor-Led Course provides delegates with the fundamental operation of protocols within the TCP/IP suite. Delegates will learn IP Addressing and Subnetting, the function of an Ethernet Switch and Router, Common networking Application protocols such as FTP, Telnet, DHCP, DNS and TFTP to name a few.

Hands-On Beginners Introduction to Networking

The course comprises lectures backed up by Powerpoint presentations and hands-on practical sessions designed to provide some practical experience of data networks. The hands-on sessions will be conducted on real networking equipment comprising Routers. Switches, Hubs and Workstations.

Introduction to Cisco IOS

This 3 day instructor-led training course focuses on the practical configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting of Cisco devices utilising Cisco IOS (Internetwork Operating System). Delegates will practice the connection and configuration of Cisco IOS devices and will be familiar with the Cisco IOS structure. During the course, delegates will cover such subjects as...

Hands-On Voice over IP

The course focuses on theoretical and practival principles of Real-Time Media over Internet Protocol. Although the course is intended to be ‘generic’, examples of VoIP networks are highlighted utilising Cisco products and other vendor software and hardware. Students will analyze and troubleshoot SIP call traces and set up IP Phones and IP PBX...