Iris School of Colour Therapy


UK Registered Learning Provider
School affiliation to Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine (ICNM)
The International Association of Colour and International Wheel of Colour (IWOC

The Iris school was founded by leading international colour therapist, healer and teacher Suzy Chiazzari in 1992 in order to further the use of and provide professional training courses in all aspects of Colour Therapy. Since opening, the Iris school has established an excellent reputation as the leading specialist school of Colour Therapy. Our students in over 35 countries come from many different backgrounds, some being interested in self-development, some work creatively with colour while others are psychologists, yoga teachers, medical and complementary practitioners.

Why study with us?

Fully accredited vocational training through a specialist Colour Therapy school with expert Colour therapy tutors.

All our easy to follow and colourful courses are for home study via email on CD or in workbooks in the UK only.

You can begin a 6 months or 1 year course at any time.

Each home study course is complete in itself, providing the necessary information and practical applications so that on completion a student can work confidently in a specific area of colour healing.

Our continuous assessment system is easy and flexible and you will have an expert Colour Therapy tutor to guide you.

Although designed for home study, the courses contain many practical tasks, so that students become confident working with other people. Assessment is continuous and every student gets individual comments and advice when a specialist Colour Therapy tutor marks their homework. Practical workshops are offered to support our courses.


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Featured courses

Color Therapy International Diploma

Holistic Colour Counsellor and healer Level 1 & 2 12 Lessons via email or on CD. Your tutor is world renowned Color Therapy expert and best-selling author, Suzy Chiazzari who will guide you through the course. Holistic Color Counsellor and healer course trains you to become a fully qualified Color Therapist. The course...

Holistic Colour and Style Consultant Diploma

Holistic Colour and Style Consultant ™ International Diploma distance learning 10 Lessons Iris School's Colour Confidence Image consultancy course is a complete home study programme teaching you how to assess, co-ordinate and recommend colours and styles to suit your personal colouring and skin tone, your body shape as well as your personality and...

Color Life Coaching Diploma programme

Suzy Chiazzari's Color Life Coaching Programme (TM) International Diploma 10 Lessons Learn how to become a Certified Color Life Coach using color to diagnose the areas of your life that need attention. Follow Suzy Chiazzari's simple practical nine step programme that uses the color toolbox so you can take control and create opportunities that...

Color and natural healing for animals

Colour and Natural Healing for Animals International Diploma course for Distance learning 10 Lessons All animals have a natural sensitivity to vibrations of colour, sound and light. Their senses to these invisible vibrations are much more developed than in human beings. Colour healing tunes in to these light vibrations directing and channelling them to...

Colour Therapy Counsellor Level 1 & 2

Holistic Colour Counsellor And Healer (Level 1) Colour Therapy International Certificate Course 12 Lessons - distance learning This is the first level of training to become a fully qualified Colour Therapist. Our course follows and extends the core curriculum laid down by the International Association of Colour. The first part of the course...