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Duration:1 Month
Accreditation:Certificate on successful completion.
Requirements:Students are required to have a good level of the English language, as well as good IT skills (especially in MS Office Word). However, these can be trained elsewhere in our curriculum if needed. Furthermore, our Law modules are suitable for a wide range of students: *Students whom have successfully completed (or have booked onto) our Legal Secretary Course and intending to upgrade to our Diploma programme; *Students interested in gaining in-depth knowledge in a specific area of law; *Paralegals; or *Secretarial students whom are hoping to expand on their career opportunities.

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Course program

Family law is concerned with the laws governing family relationships, with the problems that families encounter and the legal solutions to these problems.
The emphasis of this course is on current law as it relates to family matters within the social and economic context in which it operates.
Since marriage is an important institution affecting the legal provisions relating to the family, this course examines the law relevant to entering a marriage, and, by implication, the law of nullity, which illustrates many of the policy concerns of marriage law itself.
The law of divorce remains a central part of the course, and attention will be paid to the basic institutional structure of the system by which divorces are granted.
Students are provided with the essential course materials needed to undertake the course. Further reading can be recommended on the course.

Course Structure

*An introduction to Family Law

- The Family Courts
- Marriage & Nullity
- Engagement
- Capacity to marry

*Family & the Law

- The Civil Partnership Act 2004
- Gender Recognition Act 2004
- Legal formalities of a marriage
- Domestic Violence & the Law


- The ground for divorce and the five facts
- Divorce procedure
- Divorce settlements and children

*Wills * Estates * Settlements * Taxation planning * Probate

- Introduction to Wills & Probate
- Administering the Estate
- Introduction to Settlements
- Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax
- Tax Planning
- Family disputes
- Probate and Contentious probate

*Essentials of Application & procedure (Practical sessions)

Dates and Duration

Course schedules and start dates are published online.
Souters legal courses are available on either distance learning, or on a blended learning basis.
Therefore, students are not required to attend the College on a day-to-day basis, but are able to study within the comfort of their homes. Thus, having the flexibility to juggle a busy lifestyle
together with their studies.
Furthermore, the advantages of our blended learning mode of study enables students to benefit from the invaluable guidance of a tutor. This means that students are not only able to have a tutor
to guide them, but are also entitled to meet with their tutor on a one-to-one basis where necessary.
Our legal modules can be undertaken as a single unit or combined with other courses i.e. in order to be upgraded to a Legal Secretary Diploma qualification.

Course location


Souters have been providing invaluable training and assistance to equip students from all around the globe to survive and prosper in secretarial, personal assistance, legal secretarial, legal support staff, administrative and managerial roles in English speaking environments for over twenty years now and our diplomas are internationally recognised. Our experience and reputation are two reasons that we are the first choice for many foreign students who wish to kick start their career in the United Kingdom. In addition to language training we also offer courses aimed at those looking to improve their administrative skills and training for secretarial roles in various sectors. Other courses we regularly offer include bookkeeping and business finance. We do not discriminate against citizens of any nation and our courses are available on exactly the same terms for both domestic and foreign students. With all our training modules the focus is on quality and value for money. Some of them cover a broad range of skills and are aimed at preparing people for employment in a wide variety of industries whereas others cover a particular set of skills such as familiarity with office software. The latter type are usually shorter in length and represent an excellent investment for people who need to brush up on their IT skills.

For those who are interested in pursuing a career in the legal field we offer a number of distance learning courses that have proved to be very successful. They are constantly updated so students can be sure they are receiving the latest information in whichever subject they are studying. These courses are ideal for people who cannot commit to regular class times and they can be blended with one-to-one sessions at our premises or support by phone and email. An English business course, being based around language skills, is not always suitable for this type of learning so students who are interested in these modules will usually need to make time to come and study at our modern facility in the City of London. Having said that, there are some shorter courses available online. Some of the subjects that do lend themselves to home study and which we are pleased to be able to offer to distance learners include immigration law, commercial law and civil litigation. Any of these courses are perfect for students who wish to work in a support role in a legal firm or whose chosen career path requires an in-depth understanding of the field being studied.

If you are looking to gain a number of skills that will prepare you for a certain type of work then it is worth considering one of our training programs which combine the elements of two or more of our regular modules into a cost-effective course. Generally speaking they consist of time spent in class receiving instruction from our highly experienced tutors and online access to supporting material. Because the cost is higher than for shorter training modules, there is the facility to pay for them by instalments, using our interest-free plan. Interested parties can find more details on the site. if you have any doubts as to your suitability for any particular training program then do feel free to contact a member of our team who will be happy to assist you in any way they can. Phone numbers and a form to request further information can be found elsewhere on the site. Prospective students can read through the business administration course description, or details of whichever course interests them, to get a better idea of what is involved. It is important to us that everybody who takes one of our courses is able to successfully complete their studies.

In addition to our courses aimed at self-funded students we also offer a bespoke service for organisations that would like us to train a number of their staff. Once the content of these courses has been agreed upon, your company may choose to send attendees to our central London training centre or we can deliver the material at your offices. It is even possible to arrange for tutors to teach courses in overseas locations. The same competitive pricing structure that attracts individual students is also one of the reasons that many major companies choose us. It is not only in putting together training packages for existing members of staff that we are able to help corporate clients. Owing to the nature of our business we always have a supply of dedicated, enthusiastic candidates who are actively looking for work, and are happy to help companies with their recruitment needs. One reason that people who study with us are so attractive to potential employers is that they have demonstrated their keenness by paying for their own tuition. This makes them more likely to maintain interest and enthusiasm over the long term and they also have the knowledge that our courses teach.

We do not believe in simply selling courses and pocketing the profits. The way many people hear about us is by word of mouth from former students and you can read some of their testimonials on the site. When looking at business administration degree courses on the internet it often seems that the providers have little interest in the suitability of interested candidates. When you choose to study with us the first thing we do is discuss the career path that you have settled on and then recommend the most suitable courses to enable you to achieve your goals. Our support does not end there however as we will constantly evaluate your progress and help you to put together a curriculum vitae that will attract the most interest from prospective employers. Because our courses have been designed to instruct students in the skills most sought after by companies, graduates are in great demand and are often surprised at the ease with which they find suitable employment after completing their studies. We have good relationships with many blue chip companies in the UK so are able to help students by putting them in touch with companies that are actively seeking staff.

As mentioned previously, we offer the same terms to students from abroad as we do for domestic applicants and have a great deal of experience in working with people from all over the world. Whether sponsored by a company or paying their own way, foreign students will find a warm welcome with us. The level of English spoken will affect the choice of suitable courses but we have put together a selection of some of the more popular ones for students from overseas that can be checked out in the international students section of our site. There are several courses aimed specifically at increasing knowledge of vocabulary used in a corporate environment and these are obviously a great help to foreign students. An English business course can help people to become more comfortable with the language and open up more opportunities for them in the job market. These courses are available at intermediate and advanced levels so for complete beginners a dedicated language course may be the best option before commencing your studies with us. For domestic students we have a full range of courses from beginner through to advanced levels teaching various administrative and computer skills for the workplace.

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