Essential Sales Management Skills


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Method:In a classroom
Duration:2 Day
Students per class:20

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Course program

From: 9.30am To: 5pm

This is a 2 day training programme for anyone performing a sales management role. Whether you have no employees or 250, your business will flourish when utilising the processes learned over this intensive course. This programme is suitable for MD’s, CEO’s, Sole Traders, Senior Managers or anyone with a sales management function within the business.

Day 1

Setting your goals and understanding your sales reality

What are your turnover aspirations?
What are your profit needs?
Why does this need to happen?
What is the current situation?

- Product

- Customers

- Staff – skills, knowledge, and attitude

What is holding you back from achieving your profit goals?
What do you need in order to achieve these goals?
How do you currently keep track of your customers and your prospects?
How do you currently measure your performance?

Group Sessions

Working in pairs, discuss and analyse your sales goals and aspirations, strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Then present back to the group.

The Contact Wheel

Understanding and implementing the contact wheel. The impact of the Contact Wheel application on your business. The sales funnel and activity ratios.

Group Session

Design a contact wheel flowchart based on your own business and analyse the impact on your customers at each stage. Estimate the typical and desired activity ratios.

Measurement and Management

Understanding the need for measurement. An overview of customer relationship management. Developing a CRM system.

Group Session

Working in pairs, devise a manual CRM system detailing the information you would like to collect, when, where and how it is collected and, most importantly, how you would use it to increase sales.

Day 1 – Learning Points

The roles of measurement and management in sales
Process, process, process
Understanding the importance of informed customer contact
Understanding your sales needs

Day 2

Review of previous day and assignment work

Group Session

Present a précis of the previous day’s learning and an overview of your evening assignment work.

Coaching and Mentoring

Understanding the role of coaching in sales development. Coach/ Leader/ Manager. Developing skills and motivation in others.


Setting goals for individuals and assessing their skill sets and skill needs. Developing options for implementation and selecting the right option to provide the right solution.


Practical coaching methods


Group Session

In 2 groups develop a coaching session on a given subject or activity to demonstrate VESOS in action. Create clear goals and demonstrate outcomes.

The Sales Process

Fully understand the sales process and how your customers will benefit from structured advice and instruction.

Meet and Greet – First impressions. Building rapport and relationship
Qualification and Needs Analysis – Understanding your customer
Presentation – Present your product to create an agreement
Trial Close – Does your customer understand?
Negotiation – Getting the right price for everyone
Close – Creating the environment in which the customer can say ‘yes’
Overcoming Objections – The ‘LAP’ Technique

Day 2 – Learning Points

Staff skill development
Coaching and motivation
Leading by example
Key sales techniques
Rejecting the fear of selling

Course location


Estadia is an award winning, sales development organisation which focuses on helping businesses of all sizes to increase their sales, turnover and profit.

Established in 2006 by Richard Palmer, Estadia has grown progressively to become a dynamic force in sales development in the South West. Staffed only by highly experienced sales people with great analytical, teaching and coaching skills, Estadia has been recognised by the Somerset Business Awards as being the Best New Business in South Somerset and the third best in the overall Somerset Business of the Year!

Our client base has grown significantly too. We have a large range of businesses which rely on Estadia to develop their sales potential, from self employed, owner/driver businesses to multinational PLC's.

Our work is often done in house with our clients, moulding the programmes to directly influence and develop their people within their own environment. This ability to flex the dynamic content of the training means that the client can always be sure that their people are receiving exactly the right information to help them directly in their day to day sales work.

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