ESOL + Citizenship course

BSGS - Leyton College
BSGS - Leyton College

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Method:In a classroom
Duration:20 Hour
Accreditation:BSGS College is accredited by ASIC
Requirements:Photo ID: Passport, Driving license Proof of address: Utility bill, bank statement, medical card 2 x Passport size photos

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Do you want a British passport or indefinite visa? Need a recognized English language and citizenship certificate? Do you want to pass the 'Life in the UK test'? Come to BSGS college, we offer a five day course which leads to an approved certificate by the Home Office.

The test is only in speaking and listening and there is no reading or writing involved at all.
The course is specifically taught with citizenship materials and is aimed at people whose English levels are very low. The certificate you will receive is an ESOL 'Skills for life' qualification in speaking and listening at Entry Level, which is exactly what the Home office require.

With this certificate and our confirmation letter you can apply for your British passport or indefinite visa.

We are one of the cheapest in the UK and are fully accredited.

Commitment to serving the community and enhancing integration, with a firm belief in conformity to work ethics and culture, comes as standard with the service we provide our students.

BSGS College has helped over 30,000 people successfully gain their British Passport and Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK.
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Course location

BSGS - Leyton College

BSGS College is an institute which primarily provides English language courses in the Citizenship context for those adults wishing to apply for a British Passport or the Indefinite Leave to Remain.
As the demand of the local community arose, BSGS college was forced to widen its teaching horizons and has began to offer SIA courses in CCTV and Door Supervision as well as Tuition for children of all ages from Key stage 1 right through to GCSE.
BSGS college is also offering fitness classes in Yoga, Pilate and MMA conditioning.

BSGS College has so far helped over 30,000 people gain their right to remain in the UK and is one of the largest ESOL for Citizenship providers in the UK.

BSGS College - Your Local Community Partner!

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