Diploma in Western Esoteric Traditions

UK College of Holistic Training
UK College of Holistic Training

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Duration:6 Months
Accreditation:College accredited by International Association for Distance learning. Course approved by Institute for Meridian Psychotherapy as a professional development course.
Requirements:There is no particular qualification required to take this course, but students should have good written English and be able to work with material of Advanced Level standard or above.
Internship:None provided.

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Course program

A distance learning course for anyone interested in choosing a Western esoteric spiritual path or simply curious about comparative religion or spirituality. This course will also interest the counsellor or therapist who encounters clients with alternative spiritualities.

This course provides a thoughtful and clear overview Western esotericism in its diverse forms, including disciplines influenced by non-Western traditions that found their place in Western metaphysics. The fields explored and discussed are:

Jung and the archetypes,
Esoteric Christianity,
The Kabbalah,
Witchcraft and Neopaganism,
Secret Societies,
The New Age.

The key text also contains comprehensive suggested reading lists for those who wish to explore individual topics further.

UK College of Holistic Training

UKCHT focuses on the provision of quality personal growth, vocational and professional development qualifications to those who prefer to study from a distance. International applications are welcome.

Fields of study offered include counselling, psychotherapy, psychology, management, self-development, spirituality, energy therapies, EFT, and New Age studies.

UKCHT is a member of the UK Register of Learning Providers, is accredited by the International Association for Distance Learning and some courses are accredited by the Institute for Meridian Psychotherapy and/or other bodies.

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