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Want to be a Photojournalist?
Becoming a Photojournalist requires:

- Photographic knowledge and skill
- An understanding of the market (ie. what publishers want)
- Networks (You need to establish contacts within the real world and build relationships)
- Persistence, Attitude and Commitment

This course is longer than some; but it focuses on all of these things. We aim to not only give you the knowledge; but also position you for the best chance at developing a career

How our Courses Differ

- Courses are continually improved –we invite feedback from all graduates and change courses immediately the need is detected
- Courses are relevant to the whole world –we try hard to teach make the learning transferable to any region or country because the world is increasingly a global economy
- Courses written by our staff, teach different skills to standard courses; giving a unique mix of skills and knowledge to provide a career advantage. Do you want an accredited certificate and the same skills as 100 other job applicants; or one of our courses with skills that no other applicants have?
- Certificates and diplomas are longer. They teach you more, and our qualifications have built a reputation amongst academics and industry as being a very high standard for this reason.
- We are focused on helping you learn in a way that improves your capacity to understand your discipline, apply knowledge, and continue learning and developing your capabilities beyond your course.

ACS Distance Education stands out from other Vocational Training Colleges. The following points show why:-
- Our graduates are extremely successful.
- All our courses are unique (and to be successful in today's need to be unique… doing a standard course that is taught by many different colleges may in fact restrict your opportunities for employment.
- Our standards have not been degraded in recent years, like many other colleges.
- Flexibility – you can study when and where you want, choose what to study, mix and match an extremely wide range of modules in a way to suit you.
- Tutors are highly qualified and experienced - more so than for most other colleges (our minimum requirements for tutors are set higher than some other vocational colleges.
- Service to students is more immediate than at other colleges – Tutors are on duty 5 days a week – on call as you need them, this type of service is virtually unheard of elsewhere.
- Service is guaranteed, because unlike most, it isn't subject to changes in government funding or policy.
- Internationally recognised and accredited courses (through International Accreditation & Recognition Council).
- Recognition through various industry bodies.
- Arrangements through other institutions leading to higher qualifications.
Method:Distance learning
Duration:2100 Hour

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Course program

This diploma course is made up of

18 modules (1800 hrs total)
PLUS Research Project l and Research Project ll (200 hrs total)
PLUS 100 hours of work experience or industry meetings (100 hrs).

The Modules
The 20 study modules are listed below (click on each course for more detail):

Freelance Writing
Advanced Freelance Writing
Publishing l
Publishing ll
Editing I
Introduction to Photography
Photographic Practice
Photographic Technology
Digital Photography
Photographic Lighting
People Photography
Programming Websites (HTML)
Visual Basic.Net
Project Management
Business Studies
Introduction to Psychology
Marketing Foundations
Research Project l
Research Project ll
Industry Meetings (see below)

To fulfill the requirements of the diploma, the student must complete all course Set Task and Assignments, and pass an exam for each study module (18 exams).

Industry Meetings
This involves participating in at least 100 hrs of seminars, workshops, committee meetings, meetings of local journalists or photographers.
Core Modules These modules provide foundation knowledge for the Qualification -Diploma In Photojournalism.
Editing I WR106
Business Studies BBS101
Freelance Writing BWR102
Html - Writing An Internet Website VIT102
Introduction To Photography BPH100
Introduction To Psychology BPS101
Marketing Foundations VBS109
Photographic Practice BPH101
Photographing People BPH102
Publishing I BWR107
Research Project I BGN102
Visual Basic.Net BIT101
Advanced Freelance Writing (Applied Writing) BWR201
Digital Photography (Short Course) BPH202
Photographic Lighting BPH204
Photographic Technology BPH201
Photoshop VIT202
Project Management BBS201
Publishing II BWR202
Research Project II BGN201

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