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Method:In a classroom
Duration:10 Day
Students per class:10

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This course consists of 10 video-based lessons. Each lesson is approximately 30 minutes in duration and most include supplementary files and footage.
This course can be taken at any time - for instance every day for 10 days, or once a week for 10 weeks.

This course is a practical exploration of digital audio post production, using both Soundtrack Pro and Logic Studio. The main focus of the course will be looking at the typical problems, techniques and solutions faced when dealing with audio.

Lesson 1: Digital audio basics
Description of sound and related terminology, frequency spectrum, A/D and D/A converters, sample rates and bit depths. Also covered will be equalization (EQ), monitoring tips, and dynamics signal processing.

Lesson 2: Soundtrack Pro + Logic Studio
A look at audio applications and typical workflows. Audio plugins and audio formats will also be covered as well as an overview of hardware - audio interfaces, control surfaces, mixers, monitor speakers.

Lesson 3: Sound for picture
Editing operations: trimming, fades, crossfades. Automation: Track, plugin and MIDI data. Sound for picture basics: spotting sound fx, volume and panning. Syncing and timecode overview.

Lesson 4: Audio project and file management
Project setup in Soundtrack Pro (audio file and multitrack projects). Common audio file types. Project interchange formats and methods for using plug-ins.

Lesson 5:Microphones and acoustic treatment
Fixing audio level issues with normalization and compression. Noise removal and reduction using EQ, spectrum display, Izotope RX and Sound Soap Pro. Microphone types and basic technique. Acoustic treatment for your studio or workspace.

Lesson 6: Music loops and sound effects
Music loop libraries, Apple Loops overview, selected online resources for audio. Using the Final Cut Studio / Logic Studio sound effects library, recording your own sound effects and an overview of Foley.

Lesson 7: Mixing and Output
Stereo mixing, surround 5.1 mixing overview, export options Data compression and distribution formats for audio files.

Lesson 8: Working with Video
Project set up - importing video and OMF. Fixing selected dialog problems, adding ambiance and sound effects. Creating a soundtrack. Putting it all together in a mix.

Lesson 9: Advanced Audio Tools
Working with clipped audio, Hum Removal and Denoiser. Equalization matching. Time compression and expansion tools.

Lesson 10: More Advanced Audio Tools
Elastic Time, Lift and Stamp for reusing effects, Multitake Editor for simplifying voiceover recording, Spectral Repair for damaged audio.

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SPACE offers a comprehensive training programme in digital media encompassing graphic design, illustration, web design, animation, post-production and film and video vfx. Our tutors are practicing artists at the forefront of their discipline and bring an extensive range of professional experience to the training programme. Class sizes are kept low to allow near one-to-one tutoring and trainees are encouraged to work on their own creative projects during the workshops.

We offer both application and craft-based courses ranging from short tutor-led courses to longer 10+ day blended learning incorporating both tutor-led and high quality video instruction. Our training programmes include courses in applications such as After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Motion,Nuke, Mocha Pro, Maya, PFTrack, Davinci Resolve and many more, plus some craft based courses on Matte Painting, Video Editing and Digital Photography.

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