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Hypnotherapy Training College

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Practitioner Training for those wishing to change career or extend their current skill-set; - comprehensive practical training. Accredited by all major UK hypnotherapy bodies.
Prepares for private practice. Graduates have the ability to provide LCH treatment to clients/patients for a wide range of conditions/symptoms. Support and practical resources provided.
Our aim is to enable you to be in practice as a Curative Hypnotherapist and to provide you with the level of training and support you require to set up, maintain and/or increase your business.
The course involves the treatment of Volunteer Patients - members of the public with genuine problems and conditions - who receive treatment in front of students - from Initial Consultation right through to completion of treatment - so you see how to implement the various tools and techniques being taught, witness the varying reactions of the patients and have the chance to question both the therapist and patient to back up all explanations and discussions provided.
The assignments following each weekend of the course are designed to consolidate what you have learnt and to highlight any area where additional guidance may be required, so that this may be provided to you by one of the highly experienced tutors.
Course code:PC14b
Method:In a classroom
Duration:3 Months
Accreditation:The National Hypnotherapy Society; The Hypnotherapy Association; The General Hypnotherapy Register; The UK Confederation of Hypnotherapy Organisations; The Organisation for Curative Hypnotherapists
Requirements:Open to those who have successfully completed the introduction/homestudy section or those who have trained in other uses of hypnotherapy and hold a qualification recognised by one or more of the leading hypnotherapy professional bodies.
Students per class:8

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Course program

Comprehensive, practical Courses in Curative Hypnotherapy. The practical course in curative hypnotherapy allows the witnessing of actual treatment and demonstrations to back-up all information, tuition and explanation provided.

The practical course is designed for those wishing to be in practice as Curative Hypnotherapists / LCH practitioners.

Courses are suitable for those with no prior knowledge and those with qualifications in more standard uses of hypnosis.

The course covers all aspects of the treatment and business, enabling graduates to run a successful practice and treat the full array of symptoms with which they may be presented. The courses are accredited and/or validated by all the major professional associations for hypnotherapy, and graduates are eligible for membership to them.

When you start in practice, you will be consulted not only by people with many different problems, but also by those with many differing beliefs and expectations. Thus, we teach by working with genuine people with genuine problems. You will see the different reactions and how each person is dealt with as an individual, from the first session and throughout their treatment.

On subsequent days, as we work through the treatment with each client, you will also see how any difficulties are overcome and benefit from full discussion, explanations and strategies. Thus, you will gain the deepest possible understanding providing you with the flexibility to deal with almost any client when you begin in professional practice.

Each practical course averages a student/tutor ratio of 4:1, so that all students have a chance to have their questions answered and opinions listened to. It also ensures each student benefits from individual and personalised feedback and guidance on their progress throughout the course.

Course location

Hypnotherapy Training College

The Hypnotherapy Training College has been dedicated to providing high quality, practical, professional training in Curative Hypnotherapy since 1978.

Lectures, talks and handouts are all very well when dealing with facts or theories, but hypnotherapy deals with people! FOR MANY years Hypnotherapy has been an acceptable form of treatment for a wide variety of problems. Over more recent years, significant advances have been made in the understanding of how and why people create these problems and this has opened the door to the development of Curative Hypnotherapy which, as its name implies, aims to allow the patient to live the life they want, disposing of their problem completely and permanently.

Our courses are approved/accredited by all main UK hypnotherapy organisations-
- The Hypnotherapy Society
- The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council
- The Hypnotherapy Association
- The UK Confederation of Hypnotherapy Organisations
- The Organisation for Curative Hypnotherapists
- Graduates who demonstrate their commitment to providing treatment of the highest standards are eligible to apply to use the Lesserian trademark.

Help, guidance and support are vital. Through personal mentoring, clinical supervision, discussion forums and an online Knowledge Base full of resources for the Curative Hypnotherapist, all this is provided for our students.

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