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Sound Gallery Studios
Sound Gallery Studios

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This course will prepare you with the skills required to create and produce professionally sounding music. It also provides participants with the necessary information to build a home studio set-up.
recording music, making music using computers, audio and midi editing.

This course is suitable for beginners, sound engineers, producers, people interested in setting up their own studio.

The course is taught by industry professionals with 20 years experience in Music, Music Production & Sound Engineering. Who work daily in the Music Industry recording and producing everything from Voiceovers for Film and television, to Electronic Music, Bands, Singer/Songwriters and more.

This course is supported by some of the top software companies in the Music Industry, such as Native Instruments and Time & Space who provide us with the very best and most up to date software available for Music Production, meaning you get the best tools possible to learn with.
Duration:18 Hour
Total hours of lesson:3
Requirements:Basic computer knowledge, an interest in Music Technology and a basic understanding of Music Technology will help. Lots of enthusiasm and a willingness to learn new skills is also and advantage.
Students per class:6

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Course program

This course will equip you with the skills required to create and produce professionally sounding music at home using current music technology. This course introduces the use of
computer software (Garage Band, Logic Pro, Reason etc) to write, record and produce music and also provides participants with the necessary information and guidance to put together their own home studio set-up.

Days: Saturdays 10am-1pm
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- To enable participants to create and produce music on a computer and to provide participants with the necessary information and guidance to be able to create their own home set-up and to use current music technology software.

By the end of the course participants will:

- Be familiar with key features of modern DAW software, using Logic Pro, Reason & Garageband.
- Understand how to record, Import, Edit, Manipulate and export audio.
- Understand how to record, sequence and edit MIDI.
- Understand the applications of Signal and effects processing such as Compressors, Noise Gates, Reverb, Delay and modulation fx
- Understand the parameters and application of equalisation.
- Understand the design and use of different types of microphones
- Candidates will also understand the key components of a basic home computer music set up and key factors when selecting equipment.
- This largely practical course will also contain supporting literature and will explore role of home music production in modern music


Working with loops in Garageband. Introduction to Logic Pro. Recording & sequencing MIDI.
Soft synths and samplers Logic Pro and/or Reason
Recording and editing audio Mixing - Introduction to EQ, Dynamics and FX
Connections, home setup & buying advice


Did you find this course useful and in what way?

- Yes, it has broadened my knowledge regarding aspects of music technology and has really helped me to understand a lot of complicated things in Logic and music in general.
- I enjoyed exploring the technical terminology plus developing a basic understanding of Logic's processes.
- I found the course very helpful and enjoyable. I felt comfortable and learnt a lot.
- I gained a thorough grounding in digital recording. The teaching style was easy, relaxed and patient. This contributed to an excellent learning environment.
- I loved this course and learnt an enormous amount from it. I have lots of experience already with using Reason, and this course helped me overcome my hesitation to use Logic Pro 8 and also gave me an insight into Garageband. Overall it made music making software more approachable and fun.

2. Do you think these courses are a good idea and why?

- Yes, I do because many people get confused on this subject and few places around this area offer courses like these.
- Gives a chance to those who can't go back to college and only need to do 1 specific course.
- The course was very good and was structured well.
Very useful for budding home recording artists.
- The Sound Gallery is the best thing to happen in Exeter.
- I like the flexibility of topics offered and appreciated that this course adjusted according to our individual needs and levels.

Course delivery

Sound Gallery courses are run in the Exeter Phoenix Media centre and are taught on iMac computers. Certain course content is taught at Sound Gallery Studios. Sessions are delivered in small flexible groups allowing more individual interaction between participants and tutors. If there are further areas outside the course content you would like to explore do not hesitate to contact us as courses can be tailored to suit individual needs.

Media Centre Software

All computers are fully stocked with a range of audio and imaging software for all multi-media needs. Software is regularly updated due to our unique relationship with our educational partners Time and Space and 2Twenty2 Agency (Native Instruments, Teenage Engineering, Bitwig) who create innovative hardware and software for music production and performance for producers, guitarists, sound designers and DJs.

Software currently installed: Logic Pro, ProTools 9, Reason 4, Ableton Live 9, Komplete 7 (Native Instruments), Omnishphere, AAS plugins, Rob Papen eXplorer bundle, Rob Papen rp-delay, rp-reverb, Ohmforce bundle, Toontrack EZ Drummer, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop.

Sound Gallery Studios Facilities

Sound Gallery Studios is a professional, purpose built, acoustically treated and fully air- conditioned recording studio situated in the basement complex at Exeter Phoenix in the cultural heart of Exeter in Devon. The studio complex is well equipped with a range of classic analogue mics, pristine valve pre-amps and both soft and analogue synths (including the legendary Neumann U47, Prism Sound Maselec MMA-4XR, 1" tape machine, Juno 6 etc) alongside the best in digital effects processors, soft synths and plug-ins.We offer a wide range of integrated recording solutions, based around an Apple Mac Pro, Pro Tools and Logic Pro system with clean and high end AD/DA conversion and clocking from the SSL (Solid State Logic) Alphalink and Prism Sound Orpheus.

Membership Scheme

An annual membership fee of �£75 allows access to the Sound Gallery computers in the Media centre on Mondays and Fridays. This membership provides an opportunity for participants to spend time working on their skills and techniques they have learnt from the courses. Participants who have enrolled on one of our courses are entitled to FREE membership (Term time only, 2 hours per week, Mondays or Fridays).

Course location

Sound Gallery Studios

Sound Gallery Studios is a professional recording studio situated in the Exeter Phoenix. We provide affordable access to professional expertise and high quality resources for bands and musicians of all ages and music genres. The new studio resources provide the perfect fusion between analogue and state of the art digital technologies, including fully treated control room, vocal booth and live room, rehearsal space alongside a team of friendly, experienced and highly skilled engineers and producers to help you get the best out of your project.
We offer a wide range of integrated recording solutions, based around an Apple Mac Pro, Pro Tools and Logic Pro system. Our facilities include separate fully treated live room, vocal booth, amp room and control room featuring high end acoustic Absorbing & BAD (Binary Amplitude Diffsorbor™) panels and Diffusor panels designed and manufactured by RPG - additional acoustic design by Roger Quested (Abbey Road Studios designer) and Max Hodges (Audiotech - SOS Forum). All rooms are ventilated & fully air-conditioned. Our friendly, experienced and skilled engineers and producers are here to help you get the best out of your project. We also have available a professional production team with large credit list for radio, TV, film commissions, voice-overs as well as instrumentals & backing vocals.

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