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Learn Black & White Photography: London

Master Black & white photography in London with your digital camera. Learn why composition and lighting are important to B&W photography. Improve your photography with plenty of practical exercises, easy to follow advice from our expert tuition learning why ND and...
Weekends | 6 Hour

Investigative journalism course

The News Of The World phone hacking scandal has placed investigative journalism at a crossroads. The course is for anyone who wants to get started in investigative journalism. It's for novices - but experienced journalists have benefited from it too. Beginners.
Online | 3 Months


Central Film School London
Actors who have taken Patrick’s screen acting training course over the years include Forest Whitaker, Emily Watson, Minnie Driver and now David H. Lawrence from Heroes! Patrick Tucker is widely regarded as the top screen acting tutor in Europe and now...
Onsite | 2 Day

Canon XF305 Camera & Lighting Workshop

The Bridge Media Training Ltd
This 3 day in-depth workshop covers all aspects of shooting on the Canon XF305 as well as an in depth look at lighting and a basic understanding of health and safety requirements. As per the one day workshop you will go through...
In a classroom | 3 Day

Learn Photography for Beginners: Ashridge House

A beginners photography course taking you off 'Auto' helping you to use your camera. With clear simple exercises de-mystify your camera. Based at beautiful Victorian mansion, Ashridge House, photograph the house, grounds and chapel. Learning a few simple 'tips and tricks' to...
Part time | 5 Hour

Advanced Media Production and Presentation

HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute
Course Co-ordinator: * PhD (University of London), * MEd. M. (University of Bath), * Adv. Dip. Ed. (university of Bristol), * PGCIS (Thames Valley University), * ITC (UWI) * Member of the Standing Council of Organisational Symbolism (MSCOS); * Member of the Asian Academy of Management (MAAM) * Member...
In a classroom | 20 Day

35mm film Photography for Beginners

Beginners 35mm film SLR photography course based in London. Experience is not necessary, just bring your camera. The film, developing and scanned negs are included in the price! If you would like to try something new, rekindle an old hobby or be more...
Blended learning | 6 Hour

Filters, Flash & Low Light Photography For Beginners

Photography with filters, flashes and at night can produce exciting, creative images. Ashridge is an ideal location for this course, providing you with many opportunities to learn and take great pictures. Filters Learn to use filter to darken skies, improve sunsets and take pictures...
Blended learning | 7 Hour

2 Day Introduction to Digital SLR Photography

Red Cloud Photography Days
2 day digital photography course for beginner - learn how to use your DSLR camera on this Photography class. Using your DSLR camera to its full potential by using manual controls such as shutter speed, aperture and ISO. At the end of...
In a classroom | 7 Hour

1 Day Landscape Photography Course

Red Cloud Photography Days
1 day digital photography landscape course for beginners. Taking control of your landscape photography and get great landscape photos whatever the weather! Those of you with an intermediate level of photography, know your way around the controls of your camera and really want...
Onsite | 8 Hour

1 Day Portrait & Studio Photography Course

Red Cloud Photography Days
This one day course runs from either our London or Nottingham studio. We'll give you the opportunity to learn and use all of our studio equipment to take photographs of working models. This is very hands on and we'll run you...
In a classroom | 8 Hour

1-to-1 Private Tuition

Red Cloud Photography Days
If you are looking for something more specific or need us to fit in around your schedule, then one to one training will be ideal for you. We call this our ‘get from where you are now to where you want...
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Personalized | 7 Hour

One Year Director's Course

SC Film School
Straight Curve's filmmaking course is designed to give you an all-round filmmaking experience. This broader perspective gives you the tools you need to excel in both film theory and the practical elements of film making. By the end of the course you...
In a classroom | 1 Year

Get To Know Your Camera (Camera Settings)

The Photo School
Do you want to: * Take better photos? * Feel confident using scene modes? * Use your camera settings to the full? Then the Camera Settings workshop will put you in control of the camera by teaching you how to set it...
In a classroom | 3 Hour

Let Your Photos Speak For Themselves (Creative Composition)

The Photo School
Do you… * Want to take better photos? * Want to understand the composition of images? * Want to convey meaning with photographs? * Want to start seeing photographically? Then the Creative Composition workshop will show you how to identify good composition...
In a classroom | 3 Hour


Cream Photo Workshops
An Essential Guide To Running a Profitable Wedding Photography Business PDF Document of Thirty Thousand words written by the Directors of the UK's leading Wedding Photography Company Authors: Charles Wimpenny BA (Hons) Pg. Dip. Photographic Director Cream Wedding Photography Limited: 30 years...
Online | 1 Year

Understanding Exposure (Camera Settings 2)

The Photo School
Do you… * Want to know about histograms? * Want to understand your metering modes? * Want to know how to take a light meter reading? Then the Understanding Exposure workshop will put you fully in control of your camera’s menus by...
In a classroom | 3 Hour

Time To Get Off Auto (Switch To Manual)

The Photo School
Do you… * Want to take your photography up a level? * Want to understand f-stops and depth of field? * Want to use aperture and shutter speed creatively? Then the Switch to Manual workshop will put you fully in control of...
In a classroom | 3 Hour

Street, Event & Reportage Photography

The Photo School
Professional documentary photographer Jon Mortimer will teach you all the golden rules of street photography… * What makes a good street photograph * Finding your own street photography style * When to approach people to ask permission * How to piece...
In a classroom | 3 Hour

Learn to use your DSLR - 1:1 session for Beginners

Mike Lester Photography
DSLR 1 £99 2 Hour Workshop Perfect for beginners Basic camera settings; manual settings, ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, white balance, lenses. How they relate to each other and why. This will involve a reasonable bit of theory, but interspersed with an equal amount of...
In a classroom | 6 Hour
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