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Duration:100 Hour
Accreditation:Statement of Attainment
Internship:Not applicable
Students per class:1

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Course program

There are 10 lessons in this course:

Tools and Machinery
Landscape Plans and Setting out a Construction Site
Drainage in Landscape Construction
Surfaces, Paths, Paving and Turf
Construction of Garden Structures I
Construction of Garden Structures II
Irrigation Systems
Establishing Hedges and Other Plants
Workplace Safety and Management of Landscape Construction Work

Each lesson culminates in an assignment which is submitted to the school, marked by the school's tutors and returned to you with any relevant suggestions, comments, and if necessary, extra reading.

Manage equipment for landscape construction projects, including tools and machinery.
Determine earthworks for a landscape development.
Plan the construction of different landscape structures including buildings, fences, and walls.
Manage the installation of a simple irrigation system in gardens.
Determine construction techniques for different building or installing different garden features; including paving, water gardens, rockeries and furnishings.
Determine techniques for creating soft landscaping.
Manage work being undertaken on a landscape construction site.

What You Will Do

Compare the quality and cost of a range of different tools and machinery used in landscape construction.
Identify tools and machinery used in everyday work by landscape constractors.
Explain appropriate uses for different tools and machinery on a landscape construction site.
Prepare landscape plans for a number of landscape sites
Research and report on marking out boundaries in construction sites
Describe how to locate contours
Determine the fall of existing drains, and identify appropriate falls, spacing and depths of drains
Observe and report on earth moving equipment in operation
Survey a site and recommend earthworks necessary
Examine surfacing materials for paths, gardens, etc and determine the appropriate landscaping function of each.
Assess the construction of a range of different existing landscape features
Describe preparation of foundations for a specified garden structure, on a specific site.
Design a rockery at least 30 square metres in area
Contact a range of suppliers of landscape materials and compare the products available in your locality.
Identify materials needed to install an irrigation system on a site selected by you.
Prepare plans of irrigation systems
Research which species of plants are suitable for hedging in your locality
Outline how to effectively transplant an existing tree
Prepare a detailed risk assessment for a landscape construction site
Identify safe working practices for a landscape construction site
Determine a list of work tasks to be undertaken on a landscape construction site. Give a time frame for completion of the entire project

The Educational Academy: global online /distance learning college

The Educational Academy has been established to meet the developmental needs of a changing society in a global economy.
The aim of the Educational Academy is to offer relevant, cost& time effective development programmes using a range of flexible delivery methods.
The courses are designed to grow individuals, both personally and professionally, to equip them for a fulfilling life and career.
The Educational Academy was the brainchild of Dr James Macaskill born from many years experience as an academic leader, researcher and consultant within the UK and globally.
In the current and future economic, technological and social environment it has become evident that personal development has become the key to both individual and global survival and growth.
Therefore it is imperative that the advantages offered by the digital age should be utilized to meet those needs in a flexible, relevant and cost effective way.
The Educational Academy meets that challenge.

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