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Fully designed course material for your staff. High quality course materials without the design worries! ebooks, sides, trainer notes and delegate manuals - depending on the delivery medium.

We also deliver cost effective interpersonal and managerial training courses in Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, West Midlands and throughout the U.K. Our fees are very competitive. Let us know your requirements and we’ll email you a proposal, with course objectives, process and fees.


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Receptionist Skills e-book

By the end of this 65 page receptionist skills e-book you will: ● Know the role of the efficient Receptionist ● Appreciate the principles of customer service ● Be aware of own first impressions made on people ● Define the true meaning of ‘communication’ ● Understand the reasons why communication goes wrong between people in organisations ● Understand the key behaviours for superior...
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Assertiveness & Influencing e-book

Business interactions occur almost every minute of the working day - conversations with a colleague, phone call from a customer, department meetings, doing a presentation or selling products - either face-to-face or over the phone. They are all interactions in which there is an ‘outcome’ – something gets done or agreed,...
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Time Management e-book

Poor use of time creates problems not only for you, but also for those that you work with: under-performance, job dissatisfaction, work overload and stress. The key to improving time management skills is to accept that YOU are responsible for your own use of time. It is only then that you...
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Present It! ebook

Delivering a presentation has been rated as the thing people in business dread the most. It's one of those skills that we don’t seem to get enough opportunities to practice. Therefore it can become a daunting prospect - an occasion in which one can easily lose sleep over, bite nails to...
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Magic Meetings! ebook

Most meetings occur too often, last too long and achieve too little! Managers can spend between 25% and 50% of their working week attending, or preparing for, meetings, with up to a third of that time wasted. Consider all this time in terms of cost to your company – participants’ salaries,...
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C.V. / Resume and Interview Preparation ebook

A well designed, eye catching Curriculum Vitae will lead the job seeker to the job interview. The recruitment interview, like delivering a presentation, remains one of the most daunting experiences in life. As with all our job search efforts, we can tackle many of these difficulties and the feelings that we...

Customer Service ebook

Everyone receives and delivers customer service every day of the week - in shops; hospitals; offices; restaurants; on the telephone to customer service departments; doctors; vets; care homes. The level of support we receive from internal colleagues and other departments at our workplace can also be included. This customer service ebook helps...
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Leadership Development

PLEASE NOTE: This course is offered in-house at your premises. WE do not run public courses. The delegates will learn how to motivate and develop teams to continuously improve performance whilst growing own skills in dealing with difficult situations decisively. An awareness of current theory and practice combined with practical exercises during...
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Presentation Skills

PLEASE NOTE: This course is run in-house at your premises. We do not run public courses. Delivering a presentation has been rated as the thing business people most dread. In a survey, people placed death as number 7 on the list! For many people, presentations are a daunting prospect - sleep...
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Exceptional Customer Service

PLEASE NOTE: this course is run in-house at your premises. We do not run public courses. “A satisfied customer. We should have them stuffed!” BASIL FAWLTY. Perhaps this cynical attitude towards customer service is just true of a fictional comedy series. However in today’s increasingly competitive markets, delivering exceptional customer service is increasingly...
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